MCHAP Author’s Talk in Venice, Images


MCHAP Author’s Talk in Venice, Images

In May 2018, Dirk Denison joined Ricky Burdett CBE (MCHAP jury chair, 2018), Kenneth Frampton (MCHAP jury chair, 2014), Vedran Mimica (co-editor of the MCHAP publication Álvaro Siza Vieria: A Pool in the Sea), Mauricio Pezo and Sofia von Ellrichshausen (winners of the 2014 MCHAP Prize for Emerging Practice), and Florencia Rodriguez (editor of MCHAP 2 The Americas) for a conversation in Venice around the MCHAP publications program. Denison, Director of MCHAP, also announced 31 projects deemed “outstanding” from the 2018 prize cycle.

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