Finalist! - IIDA Illinois Red Awards

We are proud to announce the "Cell Table", designed by Dirk Denison Architects has been voted as a finalist in the IIDA Red Awards: Furniture Design.

The Cell Table was designed for a residence in Illinois, mimicking the cell structure of coral reefs.  A very impressive part of this furniture design is in the construction method, which used a 5-axis CNC router.  Designing with this technology opens a lot of possibilities that we hope to explore in the near future.  The table top is translucent to allow the shapes of the base to be appreciated while sitting at the table. 

The table has also been published at Unbranded Designs Blog.  Check it out!

Please stay tuned for more DDA Furniture designs to be showcased.  We have a long history of designing furniture for our projects, and look forward to sharing more of those pieces with you soon!


Newly-crafted dining sideboard.  This piece was designed at the request of clients wanting a match for a dining table previously designed by DDA.  Using live edge walnut slabs purchased from Skip at Good Hope Hardwoods, the design incorporates the live edge continuously around the cabinet, cascading down the sides.  Drawers clear the overhang using overextension slides by Chambrelan.  This cabinet is fabricated by Lagomorph Design.



Woodcrafting for the digital age

The Cell Table:

Designed for a prominent dining space in a client's home, the base for this table has forms derived from cell patterns found in coral reefs.  Because of the complexity of the design, the base was fabricated as extruded 'tubes' of quartered ash, then machined with a 5-axis cnc router.  An accurate digital model of the base guided the router's movements.

An acrylic top was added to allow visibility of the pattern from above.

Breakfast Table Side.jpg
Breakfast Table Top.jpg