Rural Studio is celebrating 20 years

Before venturing back to Chicago, I worked for a non-profit in rural Alabama in association with Auburn University's Rural Studio.  As a non-profit program, Rural Studio is fortunate to have a very active alumni group who are still eager to help out, even after moving hundreds of miles away.  The new fundraising website for the 20th anniversary Project now makes it easier and lots of fun to donate!  Please check it out!

20K image2.jpg

For the 20th anniversary, next year the entire Rural Studio will be working to build a number of 20K houses, which is a Housing Prototype Product that aims to be built for $20,000.  The studio's 11th iteration was completed in 2012, providing an accessible housing option for the clients as well as a Safe Room for tornado shelter.  Check out their blogs and website for more information.

20K image1.jpg

The prototype homes being built are for educational purposes first and foremost.  Rural Studio projects are each built for a specific client, and gifted to them at the end of the project.  This is a win-win situation, that's still exciting for me to be a part of all the way from Chicago!

Thanks for your time, interest, and support :)